The Formosa Garden’s Farmers’ Market is supported by Island Grove Wine Company and operated by Independent Jones, a leading premier events and entertainment company. The Farmers’ Market was created to enhance our community’s connection with local food and provide a weekly family outing destination. Please read through our Policies below before applying to see if we are a good fit for your business.


The governing body of the Formosa Garden’s Farmers’ Market is Independent Jones (IJ). As the governing body, IJ shall be responsible for the business affairs of the Farmers’ Market in accordance with our guiding principles. It shall determine policies and fiscal matters related to the Farmers’ Market.

Operations of the Farmers’ Market shall be solely within the discretion and control of IJ and the Market Manager. IJ reserves the right to change or modify its policies or rules at any time. Vendors shall comply with all statues, ordinances, rules and regulations of any City, County, State or Federal governmental authority, including but not limited to the Florida Department of Health in Osceola County.


Offering organic produce, meat, poultry, eggs, breads, pasta, juices, and prepared foods, The Farmers’ Market brings together the best purveyors in the Central Florida’s region. This market is designed to serve and bring together all segments of the community and be a positive force in bringing people to Formosa Gardens to purchase fresh produce and local artisanal goods.


The Market Manager who reports to IJ shall have in general responsibilities of the day to day operations of the Farmers’ Market and specifically, the operation of the Farmers’ Market on each Saturday. Responsibilities include, but not be limited to, weekly allocation of all Vendor spaces; supervision of the Farmers’ Market during operating hours; communication with Vendors and responding to their needs and inquiries; implementing and enforcing all rules pertaining to the running of the Farmers’ Market in a fair and equitable manner; liaising with city officials and merchants as directed and required; creating an open and friendly atmosphere at the Farmers’ Market and implementing regular, ongoing special activities and entertainment at the Farmers’ Market. The Farmers’ Market Manager is also responsible for contacting potential Vendors that may be able to fill the needs for specific products and services identified by IJ.


Launching in November 2021, The Formosa Garden’s Farmers’ Market at Island Grove Wine Company shall be located in the festival green space across the street from the winery at 3050 Formosa Gardens Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34747.


The Formosa Garden’s Farmers’ Market at Island Grove Wine Company shall be open every Saturday (starting November 2021), unless otherwise amended by IJ, from the hours of 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Vendors must vacate The Market area by 3:00 PM on Saturdays. Vendors may begin set up as early as 6:00 AM. The hours of operation may be changed, when required, at the discretion of Independent Jones. As much notice as possible will be given to vendors in these cases.

**NOTE: We will not be open on Saturday, December 25, 2021 or Saturday, January 1, 2022 to allow vendors to celebrate with their families.


LOCATED AT A WINERY: We are so happy to have this unique partnership with Island Grove Wine Company, which allows our guests to not only purchase their weekly wine, but also sip on drink specials every week as they shop the market. Mimosas’s anyone?!

LIVE MUSIC! We’ll have the best live and local entertainment each and every week.

ELECTRICITY: Our market site is capable of providing power to 150+ vendors. While we aren’t issuing blanket statements that we are providing power to all vendors, it’s safe to assume you will have access to power should you wish.

EXPERIENCE: Our Independent Jones team will be managing the market. We’ve been proudly managing farmers markets for the last five years, and we currently manage three markets south of Tampa Bay. We strongly believe in creating a welcoming environment for all. We are a community-oriented team that is completely inclusive of vendors, non-profits, chefs, and musicians alike. Ask us for vendor references! We’d love to connect with you and we think you’ll love joining our market family.

GROWTH: We at Independent Jones believe in fair growth, but forward moving growth. You have our word that each week and each year, we will continue to make the FGFM better and better through greater impact. Our goal for the first year is 75 vendors, and to grow to 200 vendors family by year three. Grow with us.


*Payments pre-season must be payed online, or paid the day of the required Vendor Pre-Season Meeting, or sent via mail 2 weeks received before the Pre-Season Meeting. Checks paid throughout season will be due the market week BEFORE the first Saturday of the month. Invoices will not be made. With the exclusion of 2 dates, there are 50 Saturdays for our first season.

>> FULL YEAR – $22/week TOTAL PAYMENT OF $1,100 — pay pre-season up front for a year

>> MONTHLY – $25/week MONTHLY AVERAGE PAYMENT OF $112.50/month — pay the week before first Saturday of the month

>> WEEKLY & ROTATION – $35/week — PAY WEEK BEFORE OR DAY OF (Allows you to select the dates you wish to attend, or a rotation schedule with us. This is based on availability, no guaranteed same space assignment each week.)



Please read carefully and complete the below application to the best of your ability. If your application is accepted, a Vendor Agreement will be emailed to you directly for completion. For any questions, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Due to a high volume of applications, please allow approximately 30 days for a response to your application. We do not get back to all vendors that are not accepted due to volume.

Any vendor application accepted by Independent Jones shall have a $10 acceptance/admin fee upon signing the Vendor Agreement document that will be paid with the first rent’s invoice.


Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!



9 AM - 1 PM




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